Thursday 7 April 2016

I Have Moved!

Greetings faithful readers!

If any of you have me bookmarked (I should be so lucky!) I'm here to announce I will no longer be updating this blog.  I have consolidated all my ideas and moved to WordPress!

Please follow my new blog at A Modern Mom's Life.  I am still having my Mom musings as well as posts about things going on around town, my book, and product, reviews as well as following along my daughter Emma's acting and modelling career in my new, streamlined space.

I am also still the same on TwitterFB and G+.  I'm also now on Instagram.  Please do follow me on all these platforms so you don't miss any of my ramblings!

Hope to see you on the new blog!


PS - I have a new email too:  Drop me a line and say hi.  I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Easter Events Around Town

This weekend is Easter.  It's early this year, but I think I'm pretty ready for it.  So much so, in fact, that I have a short list of things happening around town we may partake of this weekend!

The first item we saw was happening was the Fur, Feathers and Fins petting zoo happening at the Frontenac Mall.  We noticed this when we went to see Little Ray's exhibit over March Break.  The Fur, Feathers and Fins is happening Saturday March 26th from 11 til 4.  $2 per person or $5 per family (all benefits to Easter Seals!)  We've been to this in the past and the kids love looking at all the cute animals! *Facebook Event Page Here*

Another animal event is happening north of the city - in Sydenham/Harrowsmith.  It's Easter Farm Fun Day!  From 10 until 4 this Saturday you can visit this farm and participate in an egg hunt, some crafts, or plant a seed to take home.  There is a fee of $5 per person, or $20 per car (cash only, paid at the gate).  This is the first year I've heard of this event but it sounds like fun.  And there are baby animals at the farm! *Facebook Event Page Here*

Maple Madness is still in full swing this upcoming weekend, and for a few weekends more, I think.  Take the family to Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area for a learning session on Maple Syrup and how it's been made through the years.

In all my searching I haven't found any Easter Egg hunts around town this Easter.  But, I did find one local restaurant hosting an Easter Brunch Menu - Grizzly Grill's Easter Brunch.  There may be other fine eateries providing Easter fare, but I didn't find them during my evening of looking online for Easter things to do!

I'm actually a little disappointed I haven't stumbled over more Easter activities this year.  We, as a family, are busy both Friday and Sunday with family (which involves some travelling) but we do hope to take in some of the animal visiting after dance class on Saturday!

Happy Easter everyone!

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Wednesday 9 March 2016

March Fun in K-Town!

News this week - Springer Market Square skating rink is closed for the season.  On one hand, bummer (my older daughter was going to go skating on Friday with school) but on the other hand, spring is here!  The market vendors will soon be in the square selling their wares.

Maple Madness is starting this weekend (March 12) and running through til early April.  This takes place at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area.  My younger daughter is going to this with school on Friday.  I've been with the school trips in the past and it's fun and educational for everyone.  Due to the weather, I'd suggest splash pants and rain boots - be prepared for mud!

There's a convention of sorts occurring next weekend (Mar 10-13th).  The King Con festival is taking place around downtown Kingston, but it looks like it's centred around the library.  Many local businesses are involved, and if you click the link above you can find a list of events and sponsors.  There is also a Facebook Page with more details here.

Over March Break Little Ray's Reptile Zoo is holding their annual event at the Frontenac Mall.  Starting on Sunday, Mar 13th, you can see their displays set up in the mall, and there are live shows a few times a day.  They are only there until Wednesday so catch them while you can.  The March Break event is free of charge.

Looking far into the future, one of the things we love doing is catching some "Movies in the Square" on warm summer nights.  DowntownKingston! should be starting to think about what movies to show this season.  They provide a vote so we have a say in what movies we'd like to catch, and if I'm organized enough I'll be sure to craft a post when they do and share the voting page with you, my loyal readers.

There are also lots of concerts and hockey games at the Rogers K-Rock Centre.  I don't follow the hockey much, but I understand the Kingston Frontenacs will be in the playoffs for the OHL.  They've managed to be Eastern Division Champions! (I think that means they have the most points in their division for the regular season...)  That means more games yet to come!  And if you're more into music there are a bunch of concerts coming up.  Tonight is Marianas Trench, but also Metric, Hedley, Santana, Jonny Reid, and James Taylor are all on the docket over the next few months.  There is also free skating March 14th at 1pm as a March Break promotion, and the Science Rendezvous in May.

I'm sure there are many other events or activities happening around town this month.  These are just a sampling (and the ones I've heard about, or may be going to!) of the fun that routinely goes on in K-Town.  If I've left anything out, please tell me in the comments.  I'm always up for local events (especially if they're free!)

Enjoy the month!


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Wednesday 24 February 2016

City of Kingston Greenhouse 2016

This past Sunday hubby and I took our annual pilgrimage to the city's greenhouse.  Every year, for a few Sundays, the city opens their greenhouse so the public can get a glimpse of spring during the doldrums of winter.

This year the dates are Feb 14, 21, 28, and March 6 and 13.  It's only open for 2 hours on these afternoons (from 2 til 4) but it's well worth going.  The greenhouse is located at 111 Norman Rogers Dr.

I took some photos this year.  It was quite busy during our visit - there was a photography group there and everyone was busily trying to capture the beauty of all the plants and flowers.  And there's something to be said about the air inside a greenhouse.  It just smells like plants - fresh, alive, and energizing.

After our visit I felt refreshed.  Funny how oxygenated air will do that to a person!  I think we'll take the kids next weekend so I can see the fabulous flowers again.  This is one of my favourite things to do around town in the late winter.  It truly helps me imagine that spring is on its way!

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Friday 22 January 2016

5 Things To Check Out in Kingston This Winter

Winter is well established now in the Limestone City.  That is not an excuse to pass up the fun winter activities coming up (or already going on) around town.

I'll be the first to admit that winter is not my favourite season.  But now that we've passed the shortest day, and the streetlights don't come on until almost 5pm I think it's time to see what the city has to offer.
  1. Skating: We have been to the rink at Market Square once so far this year.  Some years we only make it once.  This year Emma is loving the skating so we're hoping to go a few more times before winter's end.  The city has also got most of the community rinks up and going.  There's a list on the city's website HERE of community staffed and un-staffed rinks.  There is one in our neighbourhood that I don't see on the list so I'm not sure how many others there may be that they don't list.
  2. FebFest is fast approaching.  Every February Downtown Kingston puts on this fun event with skating and hockey exhibitions, some snow fun in Confederation Park (ice slides and a snow maze) and this year: free maple candy every day!  This year's fun runs from Feb 4th until the 7th and is mainly centered around Market Square.
  3. On Valentine's day the Cataraqui Centre is hosting the band Ambush.  It's a show for kids to introduce their new CD for children.  There are two shows, one at 1:30 and one at 3:30 - the guys will be signing autographs after the shows and there will also be a performance from the Kingston Gymnastic Club.
  4. For anyone (or their kids) interested in construction or excavation, go check out the Big Dig.  The Grand Theatre has a blog feed in which they talk about what is going on and how it's affecting the foot traffic (and car traffic) at any point in time.  Right now Princess St is closed to vehicle traffic from Bagot St to Montreal St (the intersection at Montreal is open) and then also closed from Montreal to Sydenham St.  You are able to walk through the fenced areas and see some of what they're doing.  The crews are usually very friendly as well, if you have any questions.  I find it fascinating - the last segment they did was right outside the store where I work and it was constantly changing, the foot paths were different every few days, and the stages of work were so interesting.
  5. Cantabile Choirs of Kingston is holding a Sing-A-Long concert Sunday February 7th,  Donations are accepted on behalf of Joe's M.I.L.L. and Systema Kingston but admission is free.  The choir is fantastic and who doesn't love a sing-a-long?
Year round there are events at the libraries around town and there are also a ton of museums to visit if the weather isn't so great for being outdoors.  Sledding is popular at some locations around town - Fort Henry Hill, the Reservoir on Third Ave above Victoria St, and anywhere else there's enough of an incline and a few kids.  My kiddos make their own fun in the park across the street from our house - the enthusiasm of my kids for the snow astounds me every year.

And one last thing I just saw on Facebook the other day - Little Ray's Reptile Zoo is again visiting the Frontenac Mall this March Break.  I know that's a big far away yet, but we are always excited to visit Little Ray's exhibits.  We always learn something neat and get to touch some cool animals.  We'll try our best to get there this March Break!

I feel there were more things I was thinking about while I was at work today that I wanted to share, but they've escaped me.  I'll draft a follow-up post if I find more fun things coming up this winter.  And if there is anything I've left out, please post in the comments.

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Wednesday 28 October 2015

Rocky Horror in Kingston 2015

Tonight hubby and I are going to Crystal Amazement's Rocky Horror Show, which runs tonight and the rest of the week until the 12am showing Halloween night at Convocation Hall in Theological Hall at Queen's University.

Yes, we are dressing up.  Originally we had a big bunch of folks willing to attend, but now I'm not sure if anyone else is coming.  Doesn't matter, we shall have a splendid time!

Hubby is doing Frank N Furter and I'm dressing as Columbia.  There are available costumes for both characters, but after reading many reviews I decided to try to create my own Columbia look.  Hubby bought his Frank N Furter costume (online as Audrey's Costume Castle didn't have one in his size and didn't seem interested in helping us find one) as we couldn't really find the parts second hand.

I scored a sequinned dance outfit at Phase 2 - not the Columbia sparkly corset she wears, but better than any corset costume stuff I could find, and we ordered me a pair of striped shorts from Forever 21.  Also not quite officially Columbia, but as close as we could find without me actually making something.  Walmart had blue socks, and a sparkly Dollarama hat will top off the costume (but I'm not sold on wearing it since it'll be windy and rainy like crazy tonight!)  Of course fishnet tights are easy to find, but I could only get the ones with the back seam at a Halloween store.  And I already owned chunky heeled Mary Janes, although they are not tap shoes (and I can't tap dance, so I guess it all worked out!)

The item that gave me the most trouble was the studded collar.  I feel like there was a time you could find them anywhere.  Not so much this year.  Even Audrey's didn't have one.  I ordered this one online but it's only okay.  Now if I had wanted a studded bracelet, no problem!

To top off my look I got a haircut (at James Brett - my favourite salon) and a week later I coloured my hair with a 28 washes colour.  It's more purple than her red, but I wasn't convinced that red-red is really my colour.  Purple-red has had a few compliments so far and I know (based on the makeup I already own) I can make this work for me.

Tonight I will pull out the gel and slick my now-shorter hair back, go makeup crazy and see if I can resemble this hot-patootie groupie, at least somewhat!

I still have to check out Frank N Furter's makeup - Hubby says he has a tattoo that I get to try to draw on him.  Great.  I still don't really believe my husband will leave the house in this getup and go where other people are that can see him in underwear and a "bustier" or whatever it's supposed to be.  Also it's cold and rainy today, and I'm sure it won't be any warmer tonight.  Sometimes I wish Halloween was during the summer!

Wish me luck with my make-up talents tonight!

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Monday 27 July 2015

August Long Weekend 2015

Lots to do in Kingston this long weekend.  Some of the things we'll be checking out are:

  • Princess St Promenade - Princess St will be closed this Saturday from 10am til 4pm, in the downtown core (Division to the water, I believe).  Stores, restaurants and community groups fill the street with activities, wares and information.
  • Kick and Push festival - the family is hoping to catch a performance of Shipwrecked! likely on Sunday at the Grand Theatre.  My mother's cousin's son is acting in the performance (what does that make him to me?)
  • Rockin' the Square (part 2) is happening Friday evening, with Miss Emily opening for Big Sugar.  This is the free concert in Market Square (part 1 was Hawksley Workman that I went to in the rain).  I believe it starts at 8 but go early as it's free and it's not supposed to rain this time!
  • Of course Movies in the Square on Thursday night - this week is Shrek.  I don't think we'll go this week, but Mary Poppins and The Little Mermaid will likely see us there!
  • On Monday there is a ParaPanAm torch relay at Lake Ontario Park.  The flame will arrive at the park at 7pm.  I saw the PanAm torch downtown on it's way to Fort Henry (I think) prior to the games beginning and it was pretty neat.  We won't be attending this (I don't think) but still would be fun - and likely quite kid-friendly.
Whatever we (and you) choose to do it will be a fun and busy weekend.  Leave me a comment of anything else you know of going on around town this weekend - so we don't miss out on anything fun!


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